Reasons Why Politics Do Not Matter to Most People

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In the current times when many people who think of politics and government think of who is the current president, what are the current arguments and political issues on the news when they log on to their email accounts, or what the latest gossip is about so and so. In the past when men would fight for their independence and their rights they would not think any of this. They would dream of what it would be like to live a life without oppression. They would imagine what it would be like to eat at a diner where he would not have to worry about his race or color. Times have definitely changed and the way many people view politics have also changed. Now in days you most youth could care less about government or politics. There are many reasons why politics may not matter to most people and one of them is that in the eyes of the people politicians are viewed as liars. In the world we live in today many few people trust what comes out of the mouth of politicians. Many say that much of what politicians are saying is nothing but a piece of bait for voters to believe and vote for them so they can get elected to office. The truth is that as humans none of us are perfect and with that imperfection come lies and deceit. Most humans are more interested in what is in it for me rather than what they can do for a fellow citizen. Politicians are no different. They are simply humans with more influence then most. In addition, many people believe that politics is a waste of time. Many people think to them selves what in the world am I going to use politics for or what good will it do me? Many of us experience politics everyday on the news or in school, even discussions with friends. Many students now in days think what is the use of me worrying about politics when I am only and young man or woman. Many people don’t see a use in investing time into politics because they simply

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