Reasons Why People Drink Alcohol

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Many peoples think an alcohol free lifestyle has many benefits. Understanding the reasons why people drink alcohol can see a lot of perception into how alcoholism and alcohol addiction begins. It can also help those who are working towards recovery and sobriety avoid addiction and work on making changes in their lifestyle to continue living sober. Here are some of the most common reasons behind drinking alcohol: First is a social influence; we’re constantly surrounded by the acceptance and encouragement of alcohol in many different situations. From television advertisements to walking into a restaurant that serves alcohol, we regularly see things that show that encourages drinking. Many restaurants will post their daily drink specials ($1 drafts for example) or have posters and signs presenting certain types of alcohol. Watch any football game on television and you’ll probably see plenty of beer commercials. While obviously a television commercial isn’t going to cause you to start drinking directly, it adds to the social influence and acceptance of alcohol in our society. The more normal and accepted alcohol becomes, the easier it is for people to ignore the dangers of alcohol abuse. Second is a social pressure; many of us have had our first drink from some kind of social pressure. Maybe it was a group of friends having their first underage party. If you think colleague pressure would stop after high school and college, for many peoples it does not. For example, visiting friends or special events such as weddings or family reunions may also include social pressure and expectations to drink. Many individuals, who often find themselves in social drinking situations, may someday need to consider an alcohol treatment program. And the Third is a stress relief; many people in a stressful situation want something that is quick and easy to get their mind off their
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