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Five Reasons Why I Fell in Love with Korea Name: Megan Frazer POE: Gyeongbuk Country: Australia School: Amnyang Elementary School, Gyeongsan I remember it like it was yesterday; standing in Sydney Airport, bidding farewell to my parents, about to embark on the biggest adventure of my life so far — six months living abroad in Korea. I remember my mother’s needless fussing — “That jacket is not very thick, are you going to be warm enough when you get there?” (“It’s summer there mum.”) “Have you packed enough toothpaste?” (“Mum, I’m pretty sure they have toothpaste in Korea.”) I remember sighing in exasperation, and exclaiming, “Relax mum! It’s only six months. I’ll be back in February!” Little did I know that that statement would turn out to be a lie. I have been living in Korea and working at the same school for 14 months now. And I have no plans of leaving this amazing country any time soon. Simply put; I fell in love with Korea. Let me tell you why. The beauty of nature When I was a university student, I took several classes about Korean history and politics, run by Korean professors. I remember all these lecturers used to rave about the beauty of Korea; about the green farmland and the mountainsides. I was always rather indifferent, a little sceptical even, about their exclamations. I didn’t doubt that Korea probably was lovely, but I was never really that “taken” with nature. I was never one to wax poetic about the perfection of a rose, or the glistening dew on the freshly-cut grass. But then I came to Korea. I come from a country where most of the native flora is evergreen. We don’t really see the change in season displayed so overtly in nature as it is in Korea. Don’t get me wrong — we do have some deciduous plants, but in general the landscape remains pretty much the same from season to season. Koreans never tire of telling you

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