Reasons Why Abortion Should Not Remain Legal

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Reasons Why Abortion Should Not Remain Legal For ages, the concern over unplanned pregnancies has been a source of anguish for men and women worldwide. One possible solution to this problem has been the procedure of an abortion. The morality of abortion and its possible effects have produced much criticism from many societies. Further, the conflicting views on abortion have generated a great deal of controversy: some advocate that abortion is ethically immoral, while others believe that the ability of a woman to have control over her body is critical to her civil rights. Moreover, abortion should not remain legal because there are other options to deal with an unwanted pregnancy; some women become dependent on this procedure as a way out; and having an abortion can be harmful to the physical and emotional health of the mother. One argument against abortion is that it ignores the other viable alternatives. Instead of having an abortion, there is the option of adoption. Every year, more than a million couples desire to adopt a baby. The most common reason is the infertility of the hopeful woman. Moreover, adoption can be seen as a win/win alternative. This is because the child gets the chance to live, and the adoptive couples have the benefit of having a precious new life to nurture. Adoption also can be positive for the birth mother who has the chance to better her own life. As opposed to single mothers, these women are more likely to be employed a year after the adoptions and complete their education. Furthermore, adoption is a more humane alternative to abortion which provides benefits to both the unborn child and mother. In addition to the availability of other viable alternatives, abortion also is viewed as a form of birth control for those who are irresponsible. According to a report compiled by the Center for Disease Control in 1999, twenty- six percent of
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