Reasons to Go to College

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Each year increasingly more students find the reasons for going to college. What students find so tempting in the higher education institutions? The main reason for students to seek to enroll in higher education is a thirst for knowledge and interesting specialty. These are the results of a survey conducted online according to which similar answer was voiced by 68.40% of visitors. Another common motive for admission to higher education has become the higher chances for successful employment – so answered 16.16% of respondents. Interest in scientific activity was the motive for entering a college for 5.21% of the respondents, and the desire of parents – to 3.95%. Meanwhile, if the pursuit of knowledge is always welcomed by the parents of the student and his employers, the diploma sometimes does not help to get a job. We can write a custom essay on Reasons for Going to College now! Thus, the employer seeks primarily that the potential employee can do his job effectively. In fact, the experience is a kind of guarantee that the candidate for job had in the past experience in solving similar problems or faced a similar activity. On the other hand, the profile of higher education is a confirmation that the candidate has certain universal and specialized expertise. In this case, the key will be the specialization of education for a particular industry, and not any higher education, says a psychologist Center professional and personal counseling, the New York State University Department of Psychology. According to the expert, the requirements of the employer always depend on what kind of employee is needed. If an employer wants to get highly qualified specialist, then a higher education is undoubtedly the most important factor. If he needs a person engaged in unskilled labor, the experience and the presence of certain skills is not crucial. A problem that

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