Reasons To Abortion In The United States

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About 1.3 million women abort in America every year. Even though there are many reasons to abort I feel that women should think twice before having an abortion. Abortion is an option for an unwanted pregnancy but its a painful experience for many women. Many people feel like abortion can be an escape, but it could also stab you in the back and fill you with regret. According to WebMD, the top 6 reasons people abort in the United States are birth control failure, inability to support a child, unwanted pregnancy, to prevent the birth of a child with birth defects, rape or incest, or physical and/or conditions that endanger the women’s health. Even though many of these reasons may be considered valid, there are other ways to solve the problem of an unwanted pregnancy. One way to solve this problem is by adoption. The National Survey of Family Growth estimates that 14,000 babies were voluntarily relinquished for adoption in the United States. There are more couples waiting to adopt a child than abortions performed in the United States. A woman could easily find a couple and let them adopt her unwanted baby. About 3 years ago, I traveled to Miami, Florida. On our way to a convention, I noticed a billboard on the side of the freeway. The reason it caught my attention was…show more content…
A women’s body naturally resists abortion, causing physical and emotional problems. There was a survey that asked 1900 women “Were there any negative psychological effects caused by your abortion?” 94% answered “Yes.” Only 2% answered “No.” Some physical effects right after abortion could be soreness, cramping and possibly bleeding which is no heavier than a menstrual bleeding. Some women also experience vomiting and simple nausea. If a women is bleeding very heavily, has a fever, or severe pain in the pelvis or stomach, this could indicate having a dangerous infection. In rare instances, death could occur during or after

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