Reasons That People Work Essay

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No one can argue that the main reason why people work is because they need money to live. Money is an important factor to improve our live. We have to spend money to buy food, car, cloth, and many things. However, according to my own experience, money is not only one reason of working. There are so many reasons, instead of money, that people work. First of all, in many cases, one of the reason people work is self-expression. A job is perfect place to show the hold world your own best quality. There are many groups of gifted people who work to express themselves on paper or on screen. A lot of successful CEOs got their high position because the desire to prof their own smartness. To show everyone that they are best of all. Sometimes physical deficiency also drives person to spend his or her entire life to work for demonstrate that he or she has ability like normal people. Obviously, money is not a driving force for this case at all. Secondly, some people still work, even they have got money or not, because they want to help other people. One best example to express this case is Jonathan Mack, one of my best friends. She still work as a doctor for more than 10 years just because she want to help people who are HIV positive. Even the government does not support enough money for her clinics, she always do her best in her job to curing people every day. I had asked her once about the reasons for doing this and she said that she just do not want to see people die without doing something. She also tell me that she always feel good when other people smile or happy. To some up, I believe that money is not only one factor for working. Many people work because some of other reasons. Someone might work because they want the world to recognise their name. Others might work just because they want to help
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