Reasons of Stress Essay

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1. Physical 1.1Diet According to Pereira (nd), diet may affect people’s health and emotion, for instance when people eat too much food which is high in may harm cardiovascular system which is related to stress. Therefore, developing a good eating habit is an effective way to manage stress. Reducing the intake of caffeine, alcohol, sugar, salt and fat also can reduce distress. These things are all may encourage the adrenaline releasing, but also lead to depression more serious. In addition, having fiber everyday is beneficial for health, and can reduce the effects of stress. For these reasons, a balance diet has significant benefit for people who were living in stress, and it can help stressful people to manage their stress. (Pereira, nd) 1.2 Exercise As Edith Cowan University Student Services Centre (nd) claims that doing exercise can be a healthy way to reduce stress. Pereira (nd) also believes that regular exercise is an effective way to relieve the stress, because do some sports can protect the cardiovascular system from the fat. When persons who feel stressful, they can walk a half hour every day, it may reduce the risks of stress. Edith Cowan University Student Services Centre (nd) suggests that doing adequate aerobic exercise such as yoga can mitigate the risks of stress and help people to be relaxed. 2. Psychology 2.1 Communication Spending time on establishing reliable relationships and friendships contribute to stress reduction. Meanwhile, when people feel stress, they could choose their friends or families who can be trusted to communicate with them, and talk about things which lead to their stressful feeling. During the communication, they may find out the solutions of their distress and release the emotion. (Edith Cowan University Student Services Centre, nd) However, when people get some solutions, they need to analyse the benefits and
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