Reasons Forthe Successful Overthrow of the Current King Louis Xvi

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In 1789, the French Revolution occurred because of political problems and financial hardships faced by a vast majority of the French population at the time. The main causes of the successful overthrow of the current King Louis XVI were due to the ‘Tennis Court Oath’ and the forming of the National Assembly, popular support for the revolution and the growing hatred for King Louis XVI and his Austrian wife Marie Antionette, and the Storming of the Bastille. The first of these causes was the Tennis Court Oath and the forming of the National Assembly. Faced with financial crisis, the French Government called a meeting of the Estates General in May of 1789. The Estates General was made up of members of the First, Second, and Third Estates and met at Versailles. During the following month, the First and Second Estate clashed with the Third Estate on a variety of issues, including the right to vote by head instead of by order. On June 17, the Third Estate decided to break from the Estates General and draw up their own constitution. They also called themselves the "National Assembly." On June 20, 1789 they found themselves locked out of the palace of Versailles which was their usual meeting place, and so they gathered in a nearby tennis court and vowed that they would continue to meet until they had established a new constitution for France. This was the first step of the French Revolution, as the Third Estate had no right to act as the National Assembly. Another of the causes of the overthrow of King Louis was the Storming of the Bastille. The Bastille was a medieval fortress with 8 towers, which at the time of the French Revolution housed only a few common criminals. the Bastille was constructed to defend the eastern wall of Paris in 1382. But because it had previously been used to house political prisoners, it had long been a symbol of royal tyranny. On July 14,
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