Reasons for Poor Parenting Essay

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Chris Tate Mr. McInnis English 105 March 30, 2012 A Critical Analysis on Poor Parenting When dealing with poor parenting, there can be several contributing factors. This is a rapidly growing phenomenon that is rampant among all people regardless of social class. Poor parenting skills stem from one or both parents not having a quality education. It can also be a result of lack of organization. Another stipulation that causes poor parenting can derive from a parent having had a traumatic or unsatisfactory experience at some point during their own childhood. Ultimately there are many of other factors of poor parenting but of the many, poor education, poor priorities, and a traumatic experience are the three that are great contributing factors that cause poor parenting. Lack of education are the first of many factors to poor parenting because it can make it hard for a parent to use the critical thinking skills necessary to guide and teach their child the things necessary for them to think and rationalize on their own. Further, it is just as important for a child to see their parent make educated decisions so that in turn, the child will do the same in their daily endeavors. It can cause a long term effect of bad decisions in both the parents and children. Those bad decisions can cause one to fail in life, hang around the wrong crowd, and possibly be put in jail. A proper education can help a parent teach their child how to properly conduct themselves as an adult, make good decisions, and pass on what they learned as a child to their children. Poor priorities and lack of organization is the second of many factors that can lead to poor parenting. Poor organization can cause the parent to put other unimportant things in front of their child that should not be put first such as a significant other or material possessions. The child can feel neglected or as if the

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