Reasons For Nat Turner's Slave Rebellion

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Children of Darkness When it comes to slave rebellion in the U.S., there is one rebellion that stands out above the rest…Nat Turner’s Slave Rebellion. It all started in a little county in Virginia called Southampton. A county who prided itself on the hospitable conditions that slaves were brought up in, as well as the easygoing outlook it’s citizens took on life. Never in a million years would anyone have thought that each day prior to August of 1831, Nat Turner was devising a plan in which to punish white people for the way they enslaved his people. Since the day he could talk, people noticed something special about Nat Turner. He was smart, intuitive, and seemed to have a stronger than normal connection with his spiritual side. In fact, people white and black alike often agreed that bondage was no place for such a brilliant mind. Perhaps it was through this undeniable truth, that Nat began to…show more content…
It was necessary for two reasons, or rather for two races. From a black perspective it gave a lot of slaves another route to go. If your master isn’t treating you like you know you should be treated, then rebellion is always an option. Perhaps it wasn’t the best option considering the outcome, but at the same time rebellion was something that most slaves would have never considered before Nat. It was also necessary for the white slave owners in the U.S., not only in the efforts to prevent it from happening again, but also to enlighten them. It was necessary for them to realize that even though they may have thought they were treating their slaves well, that slaves really didn’t like being slaves. I don’t think before then that white people fully realized the meaning of slavery, and expected there slaves to be content with whatever they are given. But just like real people, the slaves showed them that there were indeed hard feelings between the two
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