Reasons for Failure of the Directory in France

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Q. Why did the Directory fail? The failure of the Directory may be attributed to a range of factors, some inherent within the Directory itself while others were circumstantial. Firstly, the bringing down of the Directory being done by none other than the much-liked and celebrated "saviour of France", Napoleon Bonaparte, was a huge factor which contributed to the Directory's failure. The role of an individual in this regard was paramount. There was little reaction by the people to his rise. Moreover, the fact that the Directors had increased his status themselves by glorifying his victories in Italy with the ulterior motive of gaining support for their war policies, had a pertinent role to play in his general acceptance by the French people. Moreover, a reason for the Directory's failure was the merely the part the unworkable constitution had to play in this context. This was the factor which doomed the Directory to failure, no matter when it happened. This was aggravated by the circumstance absolutely no real, political efforts being made to make it work. Neither extreme knew what it wanted. The right wing did support monarchy, but not an absolute one. On the other hand, the left might have wanted more control at the centre and more equality throughout France, but not the rural based leveling of Babeuf. In other words, there seemed to be no grey area, and no scope of reaching a compromise between any interest group to make the constitution work. Furthermore, the Electorate had a part to play as well due to its mounting cautiousness regarding the regime of the Directory. The electorate was ignored, despite the holding of annual elections. Them being left unheard and ignored contributed to the failure of the Directory because they did not recognise and acknowledge the voice of an important Republican body, the electorate.
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