Reasons for Becoming a Teacher

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Breakout The alarm sounded signaling the arrival of five new prisoners. Each prisoner is greeted by Superintendent Randall stalwart and unyielding charisma. After he is handed the list of new arrivals, he gives each of them a once over, he checks off their names and orders them inside. NEW ADMISSIONS NAME AGE/RACE CHARGES * BRUCE MILLER (32/WHITE) CARNAL KNOWLEDGE * BIF AHMED LOPEZ JACKSON II(59/UNKNOWN) CHILD PORNORGRAPHY * TRAVIS ‘T-BONE’ SCOTT (32/BLACK) INSURANCE FRAUD * KIM FONG TOI (29/ASIAN) 2nd DEGREE MURDER * José González (21/HISPANIC) INTERNET FRAUD A second alarm sounded signaling the end of the hour. The watch tower had a change of guard. Superintendent Randall had tightened the security protocols by increasing his security staff after the riot that broke out four months ago. The addition of both human and android guards was said to put him more at ease. But Randall knew that if another riot broke out, the staff he now had could not handle it. During the last riot, several of the guards had been killed which left his prison severely understaffed. Some said Randall was pissed at the thought of such an atrocious incident under his watch. There were others who had a conspiracy theory that Randall staged the whole thing to get rid of anyone he felt did not respect his authority. No one shared this theory more than Officer Steve Mims. Steve was a young, eager, prying little punk who was appointed by the bureau and brought in to assist after the riots. The rumor was he was said to be Randall’s replacement. This irritation increased as Randall received confirmation from a scared prison snitch that Steve was snooping through his paperwork. Randall also did not like Steve questioning many of Randall’s directives and recent policies. Randall enjoyed the benefits running his prison without
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