Reason's Celebrities Get into Drugs

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Fancy cars, huge houses, overwhelming paychecks, and not to mention, drugs. Celebrities seem to have it all. But in reality, they go through a lot of stress, peer pressure, and depression which can lead them into drug use and destroy their lives and careers. Being a celebrity seems like a great life to live, but sometimes stress takes over and leads into a dangerous lifestyle. Celebrities can work almost all day long. They have movies to films, interviews to go to, and other personal work, too. Actor "William Peterson was working up to 14 hours a day" (Eby, Douglas). By William Peterson working such a long day, this can cause a lot of stress which can ultimately lead to drug use so they can relieve their stress. Not only are celebrities' just working long hours, they are always in the public eye, too. "Nicole Kidman admitted she's a smoker: a~Occasionally. It's an addiction that you live with, lot of complicated emotions as an actor and they whirl around you and create havoc sometimes" (Eby, Douglas). This shows that she just wants something, like a cigarette, to take her mind off all the stressful things in her life. Even though cigarettes are not a drug, they are still a stimulant to release stress. Not only are celebrities doing drugs, they also drink alcohol and seem to always have a place to go to. Celebrities are known for always partying and going to bars. They see and know they can get drugs, so why not? Some often feel that they are being peer pressured to do drugs so they fit in. They feel that if their peers see them using drugs and drinking alcohol, that they will be known as the "fun person" in the crowd; possibly feeling as if they were being even more looked up to than before. They also feel vulnerable to do the drugs, so they do. "Some kinds of vulnerability states of being that actors need are panic, insecurity, anxiety, worry, abandonment, and

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