Reasons For Being Homeless

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Homelessness & Poverty What is Home? Most of us associate “home” with these basic essentials: We have a space of our own. (We may not have a whole house, apartment, or even a whole room, but we have a space of our own. We have a shelter from the rain and cold. We have a way to store and prepare food. We have hot and cold running water, a toilet and shower or bathtub to wash. We have a bed to rest in, if you tried or not feeling well. We have means to warm ourselves. We have safety. Although no safety is perfect, we have a way to lock our home and control who come in. We can leave our belonging at home and have an expectation of find them safe when we return. Someone “homeless” does not have a place to live or these basic essentials. They are sleeping on the streets, in doorways, alleys, on park benches, abandoned building and behind bushes. Some homeless are staying in homeless shelters, tents, or a friend’s unfinished basement. This is called “sub-standard housing” Even “couch surfing” or staying with a series of friend’s or family may qualify as homelessness if you have no choice, no privacy, no place that is “yours” or you’re uncertain how long each couch is available. I believe that we can put an end to poverty and homelessness. Through the course of history we thought it was “impossible” to end slavery, we ended it. We thought it was “impossible” for women to vote, we accomplished that. We thought it was “impossible” to fly to outer space; we’ve successfully accomplished that and continue improving upon these flight mission. If we look beyond what is brought out in the news, we will take notice and recognize that this is an epidemic of great proportions that needs to be ended. This is a problem and not a case of a series of isolated incidents. There is a Global pattern that has real significance. In the 21st century
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