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Reasearch Process and Terminology Paper

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  • on August 20, 2012
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Research Process and Terminology paper

There are many research methods a professional may use in the criminal justice system when approaching an issue that needs a resolution whether it is to solve a problem or prove a point using research and evidence to get the correct results. The methods vary from using data that is precise and to the exact point or using something that is more elaborate and done on a larger scale multiple times to have a consistent result. Although there are different methods to finding an answer they all have the same basic model of problem solving in which we will be discussing.
Basic Research Process
Any basic research process starts off with a theory an attempt to try to explain the issue at hand, deductions leads to a hypothesis. A deduction is evidence found through simple research to narrow down a more informative form of a theory; you can say it is an official theory or scientific guess called a hypothesis, with more evidence of the issues a hypothesis is formed from a theory using deduction. The next step will be achieved though the operationalization process in order to achieve a research design, the operationalization process puts number values on the research and may consist of precise measurements in order achieve a good research design ( found through quantitative research) the results of the operationalization are variables. These variables are tested according to the research design and the best way to research and test the best ways to find the proper outcome. Data is then collected from these tests and findings are presented, these findings are either proved correct or are proved logical. If they are neither the cycle repeats with a new theory taken from the old research and it goes through the cycle again, either with different theories, hypothesis, variables, or research design in order to have a more desirable outcome.
Research Process used in the Criminal Justice Field
The basic steps are used...

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