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Reality Tv Show Essay

  • Submitted by: fmhart
  • on May 5, 2009
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Reality TV

Competitive reality shows can be addicting to watch if you a good reason to do so.   Big Brother can be addicting because the audience is able to get involved while watching the show each week.   A soap opera like Passions can be addicting, but the audience isn’t able to get themselves involved while enjoying the drama.   Americans today have many reasons as to why they watch competitive reality shows rather than soap operas.   Competitive reality shows keep your attention by the drama that happens along the way.   Soap operas keep your attention, but you aren’t able to use your mind as much.   Competitive reality shows have many reasons as to why Americans enjoy watching them rather than watching soap operas.
1.   The people on these shows are just like us and are spontaneous. (Samuels 195).   Competitive reality shows have average people on them that enjoy competition.   In the Amazing Race, teams from all over the world come to participate in the race.   The people on the show are not famous and live ordinary lives just like us.   Big Brother has people on there that are not famous.   Soap operas on the other hand do not have average people just like the “real” world.   The show Days of Our Lives has stars that have been on other shows.   For example, Biggest Loser is hosted by Alison Sweeny who plays Samantha on Days of Our Lives.   In the essay “Keeping It Real,” Robert Samuels states, “By using real people and placing them in real situations, reality television programs are thus able to lull

the audience into misperceiving controlled situations as being spontaneous events” (196).   His statement is pretty accurate in describing why audiences enjoy reality shows.   We enjoy these shows because we like seeing the spontaneity.   For example, the Amazing Race has planned activities for the players to do, but the players messing up are not planned.   Looking at the soap opera side, Passions is a planned show with everything being scripted....

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