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In the essay “Of Losers and Moles: You Think Reality TV Just Writes Itself?” author Derrick Speight writes about his job as a reality TV writer. He begins by asserting that yes, even though it is reality television, there is indeed writers, directors and the same general group of people as a sitcom or any other television series. In describing the job, Speight (2005) says: While filming is taking place, writers keep track of all of the issues that may arise and anticipate which will yield the strongest narrative. Teams of us are on location, assigned to different characters. The uniform: a good pen, steno notepads, an audio monitoring device (to overhear comments and conversations), a digital watch, walkie-talkies and a comfortable pair of shoes--in case anyone takes off running (p.345). These writers capture all of the drama and controversy between the actors and/or contestants of the show. They store all of the footage captured in an organized manner, having someone called a logger actually go through and categorize it. They then edit the footage to produce the desired effect to continue to pique the viewer’s interest enough to get them to continue watching from episode to episode. He introduces the readers to a lawsuit involving him and the other writers of reality television shows; in which certain reality production companies and networks are using unfair labor practices, “including providing pay and benefits that are far below those earned by writers of traditional drama and sitcoms” (p. 345). Speight continues the essay by talking about how he got into his current job. Starting with “Seven years ago, I was new to Hollywood, and sure that I was destined to direct the next film version of Superman” (p. 345). He went on to an internship with DreamWorks’ Mark Gordon Productions, followed up with a stint as a production assistant for “World’s Most Amazing

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