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Television is one of the most popular mediums to reach out to today’s people, whether they are young or old. It is how information is given out to today’s people whether it is cartoons that are targeted for children or nature shows for the nature or animal buffs. Reality TV shows are also taking over spots where music shows and other dramas used to be. From shows like Real World to The Bachelor, reality TV has gotten more popular as the years have gone by. Gone are the days that MTV plays music, and in its place are reality TV shows. Reality TV shows tend to be watched by today’s youth or Baby Boomers born between the years 1945 and 1963. Why these two groups specifically has to do with time and money. The former group has more time to dedicate to watch shows and the latter has more money to dedicate to these shows. Reality television has potentially changed the values and morals of today’s people, especially youth. It appeals to today’s youths’ ideas of what they feel adulthood is. As youth are very impressionable, one can see how this would influence them. Also, it has changed the viewing habits of the older generation, like those in their 50s, who are more likely to watch reality TV. Reality TV has distorted today’s youth of what “reality” really is. It gives false hopes of what adulthood should be. It presents this life of glitz and glamour when in reality, most lives will not be like that. “It negatively impacts the viewers of the new generation when limited “reality” is present that occasionally is scripted and edited for entertainment purposes” (Anonymous 2012, 1). As shown in the quote, lots of reality TV shows are scripted for the purpose of “entertainment” and are not a representation of what the actor’s real life. As most adults know, real life does not have that much drama on average, so in order to keep views from the audience, the scripting is

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