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Reality Television Why has reality television become so popular to us viewers? There are many reasons, but I will only talk about the three that stand out to me. Reality television has become popular for the reasons I will explore in this essay, which are the fifteen minutes of fame, the money or grand prize, and the fact that people are just curious about other people’s lives. Viewers fanaticize about becoming famous when seeing people like themselves on television shows (Reiss). Reality television can bring a normal people temporary fame. Few take their fifteen minutes of fame to the next level. Some will be lucky enough to host a show or have a show based upon their lives. Others will be paid for their appearances on other shows or interviews after their show is over. Everyone wants a chance at fame or to be that person in the spot light, and many will go to any extreme to get there. People are so caught up with the fact of being famous. They do not care how ignorant they look. Whether it is people falling down drunk, lying to other contestants, or simply making poor decisions. People will stop at nothing. Besides, we all love to talk about that one person on the show and say “I cannot believe they did that”. Others like to stand out and grab their temporary fame by being trend setters because they know viewers will follow their styles, or at least hope they will. The second reason reality television is so popular to people is the grand prize at the end of the show. People are interested in competitiveness and what they will do to get the prize. Whether it is forming alliances, betraying friends or pretending to be someone they are not, some contestants do not care. The fact that someone is either winning a large sum of money or getting a record deal is the reason viewers feed on it. For some odd reason, we are excited to see the average person win big at a

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