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Whether we tune in to watch a group of people live together on a isolated island, or watch them battle food addiction and lose the pounds, reality television has people coming back for more. Reality TV satisfies the urge to look into others lives, and the reality of reality television is that as humans, we enjoy this. Reality TV is not much different than normal television programs, like any other, it has the essentials, it has a mix of characters from different backgrounds, it puts those characters in a situation, and the result is either a failure or a success. The catch of reality television is that the characters are real people, the story is not scripted, and with any failure or success, comes emotion. But does this reality TV revolution present views with real life? Or does it present what the TV producers want the viewers to see? Reality TV is built on the foundations of exposing human emotion. The cameras have captured all feathers of being humans. For example, Survivor consists mainly of emotions associated with survival, leadership, the failure and success as working as a team. The cameras have successfully delivered all these emotions, and the stories connected with these emotions. There is the reality that like any show, reality TV’s goal is to obtain and keep viewers coming back. With only an hour of television each week, it is difficult to include all stories. Therefore storylines and parts are often cut out, edited, or deleted. This not only helps by keeping the show to the hour, but it also is used to obtain the most interesting show. By doing this, TV stations secure viewers and are able to get more advertising money. The results are we don’t always hear the absolute truth to and story. In my opinion, we are receiving a carefully planned story edited from the actual events of a reality show. A story containing events that have

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