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Reality-tv is very popular among young people. But we can ask ourselves, what has made reality-tv shows so popular? Probably everyone in the world, knows what a reality-TV show is. First of all, a reality-TV show is an entertainment show, which has been growing a lot in the last couple of years. Nowadays we can not avoid to hear about reality-TV shows in the medias and in the news, because we are surrounded by it 24/7. Examples of a reality-TV shows, which is very popular, is ”jersey Shore”. Those people who are acting in reality-TV shows are non professional people, who does not have any experience at all. Salman Rushdie, who is a very well known author, has written an article about reality-TV shows. According to Salman, who has a quite negative view on reality-TV shows, says that people who participate in reality-tv shows, are narcissistic which is people who are very smug to show off. But who are the most narcissistic celebrities? Is it the actor Ben Affleck, the succesful musician David Bowie or the stand up comedian Russell Peters? No, it is the reality TV stars. This makes sense, because the only reason to why they want to appear at tv, is to get famous and rich. Narcissisim begins to seem very normal for young people, and this is one of the reasons to why young people does not see narcissisim as a big deal. Salman Rushdie criticizes this development, and he thinks that reality-TV shows are getting too intimate, and it breaks peoples’ privacy. Anne Jerslev who is an author, says that young people use reality-TV show, to talk about it, relate and reflect on their own lives. According to Salman Rushdie, he thinks that reality-TV shows do more harm, than good. Reality-TV is entertainment and ”Jersey Shore” and ”Paradise hotel” are entertaining. The big question is- What are they teaching

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