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The reality TV seems to have become the buzzword of this days as every network has them right from the network to the cable and its looks like sits its what everybody is talking about these days. Reality television is literary everywhere and it seem people don't seem to get enough of it. Reality TV started with just one or two shows that follow real life events have become so popular such that almost all television studios have mastered in continuously coming up with newer and more thrilling reality shows which has made people to continuously watch. This is evident by the weekly episodes that people both adults and teens tune in to televisions to watch dreams realized. Examples of such reality shows include the American idol, Temptation Island, race car, big brother, survivor, and amazing race. Reality television is a genre in television programming that attempts to present purportedly unscripted drama or humorous situations, actual events, documents an in most case feature ordinary peoples rather that professional actors and in one way or another in a form of contest or real situations that involves presentation of award or a prize. The TV genre has been around since the early years of televisions but exploded as a global phenomenon in late 1990's and early 2000's through the introduction of popular series like the big brother and the survivor series. During the early years of televisions shows reality television was termed as reality shows and involved production in series but documentaries and other non-fictional productions like the news as well as sports were not classified as reality shows. The television genre includes a wider range of programming formats that includes gaming, question shows to surveillance or even the voyeurism focused productions like the big brother. Reality television involves portrayal of a modified and a form of reality that is highly

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