Reality to Personality (Essay Is About Waverly Jong in Joy Luck Club)

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Waverly’s restrained childhood years shaped her into the assertive person she later transformed into as an adult. These characteristics came from major points described in The Joy Luck Club written by Amy Tan. Waverly’s experiences in the limelight as a child chess prodigy; an insufficient relationship with her mother; and her developing rivalry with Jing-Mei all lead to her independent, competitive, stubborn, snobby, and forceful personality. Waverly isn’t entirely self-centered, however, as she proves to love her daughter, Shoshana, unconditionally. Winning chess tournaments as a child and eventually building a profitable career as a tax attorney, Waverly has always been a model of success. Compared to most, she sees herself as a higher-ranking individual. Various remarks throughout the story allow her competitive side to shine through. For example, when Jing-Mei states her irritation with Waverly’s sly comments regarding the simplest of tax questions in, “…she could turn the conversation around and make it seem as if I were too cheap to pay for her legal advice. She would say things like, ‘…what if you say something casual over lunch and I give you some casual advice. And then you follow it, and it’s wrong because you didn’t give me the full information,’” she reveals that Waverly feels liable for her advice and believes it’s worth a dollar amount; as opposed to being a free offering to a friend. Similarly, Waverly’s chess matches in the park provided her with a way to constantly be victorious. At the young age of 10, Waverly was fully aware of her gift. She enjoyed the ease of creating a perfect strategy in her mind and watching her opponent struggle to keep up. At a time shortly before Lindo used Waverly’s winnings as an excuse to brag, she had truly found joy in each game. She could, “see things on the chessboard that other people could not. I could create

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