Reality Therapy Essay

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Reality Therapy Student’s name Institution Affiliation Reality Therapy Reality therapy mainly centers on the aspect of realism, responsibility as well as what one considers as right or wrong. More often than not, psychiatrists have tended to focus on the warning signs of mental disorder while ignoring these basic aspects. An American psychiatrist, William Glasser acknowledges that this form of therapy is designed to center on the individual by identifying ways of enabling one to distinguish the three basic aspects of reality therapy. Corey, a professor in psychology concurs with the views of Glasser by asserting that, individuals are responsible for their actions as well as for the way they act. Corey posits that the signs that individuals project through their behavior to society arises from the decisions that they have made in their lives. This basic assertion holds that people are responsible for the reality they create as well as the consequences their actions bring to light (Grant, n.d). According to Corey, individuals have an innate driving force that directs them towards attaining their individual needs. As human beings, we are always functioning to achieve something that will make us feel fulfilled in life. For instance, people seek to be loved to feel that they belong. This according to Corey is a clear indication of the responsibility that each individual human being has towards their action. In reality therapy therefore, the focus is centered on the individual and how they perceive things, this point to the importance of creating relationship especially during therapy sessions. Therapists are often asked to create an environment in which the patient feels at ease to enhance the treatment process. This essentially points to the ability of the therapist to avoid being judgmental
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