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Made a 64 on this one so don’t use it.Showing that reality and fantasy never coincide is a very effective strategy for an ad. This ad, titled Reality Sucks, offers some insight to this anomaly. The creators of this ad, Utoplis, do a great job of getting their point across. The ad portrays a scene from the classic American film Titanic, adding a twist of reality, which makes this ad not only humorous, but true. Looking at this add, we see what seems to be a married couple in their 40s, replicating one of the famous scenes from the movie Titanic. Rose comes up from behind Jack, he tells her to close her eyes, and he slowly walks her to the railing. She is told to step up onto the railing and jack opens her arms wide. He then tells her to open her eyes, and she responds,” I am flying Jack.” The wind is rushing through her hair, and Jack is gently holding on to her, the sky is filled with shades of orange and yellow as the sun sets, the evening could not be any more romantic. It is concluded with the camera trailing away as they kiss. Just as one remembers this scene, the memory is replaced with the image of the ad. There are gray skies instead of a beautiful sunset, which adds to the dull boring colors of the ad. A seagull head-butting the woman right in the face brings some excitement, and of course two average Joes instead of the super attractive Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Just as one puts two and two together, in big bold letters “REALITY SUCKS” is posted just below with the company name to the left, Utoplis a group of cinimas. Good, effective ads need that extra something to catch your attention. With the internet, and the other forms of entertainment it is becoming increasingly difficult to form a clever, humorous ad that is effective. There is so much advertisement in entertainment, and pretty much everything else. Only the funny, clever ideas

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