The reality, drive and foreground of chinas economic development Essay

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Reality of China’s Economic development Heavy blow by natural disaster between 1960 and 1963 which ruined the Chinese economic. At that time Russia withdraws their support and asks China to pay a tribute??? During 10 years, from 1966 to 1976, china’s economy was paralysed because of a cultural revolution. The whole society became chaos. Government brought massive funds to allow free compulsory education, which means that 150 millions rural students are now able to go to school for free. About the vocational school and college, they are more than 25 million students and more than 11 million on campus for higher educational school. China’s import and export increased by 28% in the last 5 years. This represents a total imports of $2964.2 billion and exports of 3354.4$ billion. The drive of China’s Economic development Where does this motivation come from ? Consumption structure’s upgrading results in industrial structure upgrading, which quicken the pace of industrialization and the growth of economy. It is only recent that Chinese people are allowed to build land, before they had to hire their ground from the state. Figures growth incredibly since 1998: more than 400% for the house purchasing. This induces a very high cost of the square meter in big cities, more or less 200e per m2. Relax restriction on household registration speed up the flow of population and urbanization, promoting economic growth. Since 2000, the number of civil vehicle went from 1608000 to 49850000. The urbanization of China was 10.6% in 1949 and is now over 45% China’ had very few other currencies in reserves in the 1978, less than $200 millions. Nowadays this figure is $1528.2 billion. The further reform enhance the vitality of micro economic regulation and the macro control capacity increases significantly. The foreground of China’s Economic development Chinas has a vast

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