Realism Essay

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I am a very poor man who lives alone in a small town located in Allen, South Dakota. I am a very nice person, but I can’t seem to find a job since I live in the poorest place in the United States. I am having a hamburger with fries at a restaurant right now and I see a woman get up and go to the bathroom. She looks like she is someone from out of town because she is eating alone and looks very wealthy from the clothes that she is wearing. Right after she gets up from her seat, I see her pocketbook just lying on her seat. I don’t know what to do. I never stole anything before, but I need money to keep my house. But I think I deserve a break and this is my chance to get some money. But I know I’m not this kind of person. I don’t steal and I never planned on stealing anything in my life. I don’t have much time to make a decision but this is such as tough decision because I am not this type of person. She is coming back soon. I don’t know what to do. I am so confused. While I think about this, I look around the restaurant to see if anyone could see me if I stole the pocketbook. The only person I see is the bartender and he is cleaning glasses, so he won’t see me if I stole the purse. Now I know I won’t be caught if I took the woman’s purse unless she came out of the bathroom but as she got up from her seat, she was holding her stomach which made me think that she will be a while in the bathroom. I want to take the pocketbook and run but I don’t know if I am able to. I’m not a person who would ever do this. But I have no job and no way of earning money and this seems like such an easy way to get money. If I decide I want to steal the purse, how should I do it? Should I walk slowly toward her chair, take her purse, and then slowly walk out hopefully without any suspicion. Or should I run towards her chair, snatch the purse quickly, and run out of the door and hopefully

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