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Real Woman Essay Melissa Monge, my mother, is the person that I have chosen to interview for this essay. Growing up my mom was an amusing young girl, or should I say boy, considering the fact that she looked like one. My Salvadorian mother grew up in Queens, New York, and several other places. See, my mom wasn’t always just good looks and humor, there was a dark side. No one dared mess with my mom in school. Moving from state to state from Salem, Massachusetts to Miami, Florida; and going to many different high schools. At the age of only nineteen my mother gave birth to me. Her dad eventually kicked her out for being pregnant and she went on to live with my dad. My dad had to sell his entire comic book collection in order to take care of me. As time passed we moved from many different houses, my mom eventually got a job working for Sean John, meeting many people such as Sean John himself and the Black Eyed Peas. My mom didn’t get her license until she was twenty-eight but was still taught every now and then by my father. There was a story of my mom driving in sandals and ended up crashing into a tree, my mom and dad left the scene and retrieved the car back later on. My mom now works for an online fashion company called Net-a-Porter. It’s a very expensive website and she even gets orders from people like Kim Kardashian and Oprah Winfrey. Although she’s making big bucks she spends most of it on transportation seeing as to it that her job is so far away. One day on her way to work my mom was featured on the Pix 11 news. It was on September 11th so they asked her questions about how she felt about the tragedy that beheld the twin towers. I’ll always love my mother, if I could give her one thing in life, I would give her the ability to see herself through my eyes, only then she would realize how special she is to

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