Real Men and Pink Suits

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Rodney Hu Eng 103 Professor Gray Feb. 18, 2015 Real Men and Pink Suits In the article, “Real Men and Pink Suites” by Charles M. Blow, the author sheds light on a sensitive subject in society. Blow gives his thoughts on society and how they view manhood and masculinity. He mentions situations where people are insulting or hurting others for their lack of masculinity. Blow argues that the idea of masculinity is broad enough and wide enough for all of us to fit into. He is able to connect to the people of the gay, lesbian, and bisexual community because he gives examples of how these people are being hurt by society for being different. He can connect emotionally with this crowd, while also connecting logically with male individuals specifically, by expressing his views on manhood. Charles M. Blow is a fairly popular journalist for The New York Times, which means he has people that follow him and his writings and are influenced by his words. People trust in his character and what he has to say. In the beginning of the article, Blow gives an example of how someone’s comments can hurt others. Roland Martin, a commentator for CNN, was suspended by the company for his ill-advised comments that offended members of the gay, lesbian, and bisexual community. Martin was accused of creating messages that advocated “violence against gay people” (Charles M. Blow, Real Men and Pink Suits). I think his comments were more than serious than he expected. Blow explained that he knew Martin on a personal level and that Martin’s intentions were not serious or meant to be violence. “Regrettable and offensive” (Blow), are both good ways to describe his comments, but I think it’s more serious than that. His comments fueled fire towards encouraging people to make jokes about other people’s manhood. His remarks were homophobic, violent, and unacceptable. The author uses anger as an
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