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There are many soccer teams in the world, but none like Real Madrid. A club once started by a group of school kids in the late 1800’s.Now one of the most successful teams in the history of the sport. In 1897, a group of students from the Institución Libre de Enseñanza created a sports club they named Football Club Sky. A few years later on March, 6 1902, after some important members of Football Club Sky left, a new Board was elected and on April 18, 1902, Real Madrid was officially created. To celebrate Alfonso XIII as king, Real Madrid made the first Spanish Championship which they were to play in Madrid against Vizcaya. (“”) Unfortunately Madrid lost their first match. On August 11 1902 Madrid were invited to play at El Escorial against Moncloa. The match ended 6-5 in favor of Madrid. The team was awarded with two ceramic plates, the team’s first trophies in their history. Real Madrid made their European Cup debut on September, 8 1955 against Servette and won the match 2-0. They ended up winning the tournament. Real Madrid is the only team to win five consecutive European Cups in 1955.1956.1957.1958 and 1959. Real Madrid has the most European Cup wins than any other team in the world: a total of nine European Cup wins. One of Real Madrid’s arch rivals are FC Barcelona. The Real Madrid vs. Barcelona matches are known as EL Clasicos. Their first match dates back to May, 13 1909. Ever since then the two clubs have a deep hatred for each other. Real Madrid have won the ties most of the time. They have played against each other a total of 211 times so far with Real Madrid winning 86 of the ties and Barcelona 82; they have drawn 43 times. In 2000, a new president was elected to take over Real Madrid. His name was Florentino Perez. As his first act he promised to bring star players to the club including Luis Figo, who played for Real

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