Real Estate Market Analysis Of Condos In Singapore

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Real Estate Market Analysis in Singapore Market Analysis of Condominium Sector Oct’09 A Market Analysis of Condominium Market in Singapore 3 Market Analysis of Condominium Sector EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This project focuses on analyzing the Singapore residential market, particularly the condominium sector. We have adopted both quantitative and qualitative research methods to determine the magnitude and range of our pricing, which translates into our different sectors namely lower-middle, upper-middle and luxury. The report touches on firstly, the general overview of the market. With a broad overview, the report moves on to focus on the drivers that affect housing demand. The analysis begins on the 5 different locations that are the North, North-east, East, West and Central area consisting of potential developments and types of condominium available. There are also other possible causes of movement in the market, by looking at supply drivers, such as significant competition from the public sector such as the HDB market offers new choices of homes and movement in the resale price index. On the other hand, demand drivers like affordability moved by low bank interest rate of borrowing and increasing family income. Besides internal drivers, external foreign demand is also important in this case. After looking at the demand and supply factors, a feasibility study is also being done to recommend a site suitable in accordance to the developer’s request using a brief SWOT analysis on the area chosen for the particular development. Next, a competitive survey is later being done to understand the competition ongoing in the particular sector we have chosen and potential competitor developers are being included that might be of significant threat to any future development in the area. All in all, a comprehensive market analysis of the Singapore condominium market is

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