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Ready for the Race There are many good distance runners out there, young and old, who have different training techniques and many different views on how to run a race. But many of them agree on a certain list for the day prior to the meet and on the day of the meet to help an individual better ready themselves for a race. The final stratify to be considered for cross-country running concerns itself with individual and team meet preparation. Preparing for a cross-country race involves much more than just showing up. The day prior to the meet: 1. Check over all equipment and change spike length and shoelaces if necessary. 2. Refrain from doing any hard, fatiguing work, and don't indulge in dancing or other activities that keep you on your feet. 3. Don't overeat, and stay away from all greasy foods. 4. Don't take a very hot shower that would sap your strength. 5. If a meet is away from home, travel to it on this day if possible, to avoid long, tiring travel the day of the meet. 6. Get at least nine hours of sleep in a cool room. Its important to follow these steps the day before the meet almost exactly. They will help your body rest and gain energy before the meet. Checking your spike length can be a big advantage for traction depending on the course you'll be at. Using spikes of the wrong length or dull spikes is often a rookie mistake which many novice runners make. Shoelaces are a big deal as well. It's always best to unlace your racing spikes after every race, thus allowing them to be tightened all they way up again. Leaving the laces in stretches out the shoe and won't allow it to be snug on your foot. The best meal before a race is a nice pasta dish, like pasta salad or spaghetti. Pasta gives your body carbs which turn into energy for your body to use during the race. Greasy foods and junk food will slow down your body, and make

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