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Reading Response Essay

  • Submitted by: joellaatallah
  • on December 2, 2013
  • Category: English
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Joella Atallah
English 202
Dr. Paul Saghbini
Reading Response
The Phoenix
Throughout history, Lebanon has been colonized by several grand countries including the Romans, French and many more. But Lebanon always knew how to pick itself up and stand for its rights and defeat all threats. A great artist, who sadly passed away a few days ago, Wadih El Safi mentions how Lebanon is an “Otaet Sama” which translates to a piece of Heaven in one of his many songs dedicated to the greatness of his country. Unfortunately, nowadays this reputation is breaking into threads. The Lebanese population is not capable of defending its country and Lebanon’s surrounding is worsening this case as well. In “Can Beirut Be Paris Again?” Michael J. Totten questions Lebanon’s immensity by attacking one of Lebanon’s parties, Hezbollah, and discussing the Syrian civil war’s effects of Lebanon.
In his article, Totten begins by describing how Lebanon was an amazing country before its civil war erupted.   How it is divided into several sects and how every sect is involved in other countries and supported by them. One of these countries would be Syria, where few groups are with the Assad regime and others are against. The end of the article shows examples on how the Sunnis “support the Syrian opposition” and how the Shiites “backs Assad” resulting in a fight between those two sects in Syria which will spread into Lebanon. Also, the writer stresses in more than one paragraph on how Hezbollah, the mostly Shiites sect in Lebanon, is a huge part in its corruption by its feud with Israel and its involvement in the previously mentioned Assad regime. Finally, Totten mentions how part of Beirut looks classier than the other, the former being Christian and Sunni and the latter being Shiites.
By attacking only one sect in the Lebanese pool of divisions, the writer clearly shows that he is bias thus challenging his credibility. He mentions all the losses that were caused by the war with...

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