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Reading Reflection & The Analytical Approach Takenya S. Moore ENG 125: Introduction to Literature Instructor: Jennifer Rupp August 26, 2013 What Captured my Interest? “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” was a very interesting story because Walter or Mr. Mitty in his normal life was a man who had issues doing the simplest of task, whether it is an easy honey do chore or something mechanical like driving a car. Mr. Mitty’s character comes off as an aging or elderly man, who’s very absent minded, with a wife who seems very loving, but pushy at the same time. The thing that makes this story so great is Mr. Mitty’s imagination, and the author captures the characters dreams through great literary expressions. In the story Mr. Mitty is having a regular day with different task and errors to do, given to him by his wife. Whit each task Mr. Mitty takes on he drifts into a series of amazing fantasies, and these fantasies are brought on by his prosaic life. As Mr. Mitty drives alone in his car, he fantasizes about commanding, a navy hydroplane in a horrible thunderstorm. When Mr. Mitty drives past a hospital in the city he dreams he is a world class surgeon saving the lives of very rich and powerful people, when hears the paperboy shout out about a trial going on in the city, Mr. Mitty imagines being interrogated in a courtroom as, as Mrs. Mitt finishes up with her hair appointment. While Mr. Mitty is waiting for his wife, he sees a picture of a German plane and imagines he is a British pilot, with the will to give his life for his country and at the end of the story Mr. Mitty waits outside up against a wall with rain and sleet falling for his wife to purchase something from the drugstore, this is when he fantasizes that he is a very brave man who is about to be shot by a firing squad, and dies honorably. The Archetypal Approach The Archetypal

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