Reading Log, the Catcher in the Rye

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Engelsk logbog ”The Catcher In The Rye” Action Characters Questions Reading experiences 1 We are going to hear about a boy, and his life. He got kicked out of school  Pencey Prep. He got home from New York. They are playing football lost the. Holden Caulfield  main character the brother Old Selma Turner  Headmasters daughter A bit hard to read, because of the language 2 His going home to old Spencer and talking about school. He dumped his exam/test, old spencer reads out loud what he has written. Mr. spencer cares about Holden and asks how he is. He describes the house as old and there is very much medicine Old mr & mss spencer Holden Why is he only visiting old spencer? And not the other teachers? Still a bit hard to read, but it gets easier, when you learn how Holden speaks 3 He thinks about what a mess he is, because his lying to Spencer. He tells about a speech the old Ossenburger, which feels like a 10 hours speech, Jesus is talking to him. Under the speech Edgar Marsalla farts. He goes back to his room, takes a hat on and are about to read a book. Then the guy Old Marsalla old Ossenburger Old Thurmer Holden Ackley Why isn’t he just kicking Ackley out of his room, instead of letting him being in there? A bit more easy than chapter 2. 4 He goes out to shave with strandlater, and they are talking together about some things, Strandlater asks where he got his hunting hat from. Strandlater is also trying to get him make his composition. Because Strandlater is going on a date with a girl named Jane. And when Strandlater is gone with Holden’s jacket. And fter that is Ackley barged in again. Strandlater Howie Coyle Jane Gallagher Why isn’t he just saying to Strandlater that he doesn’t want to make his composition? And being honest. 5 It is starting to snow, a2nd the food at the Penecy are getting lousy steaks, Holden and a friend
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