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Reading Fluency. From the video that I watched, I can differentiate between fluent reader and struggling reader. I face both situations in my class that I am teaching now. Reading is meant to be enjoyable and in order for a reader to immerse themselves into the story and the characters, they need to be able to read fluently. The simplest way to determine if reading is difficult for students, are to follow the obvious signs struggling readers. i) Read to slowly ii) Often hesitate in the middle of reading iii) Reread what has already been read iv) Are unsure how to pronounce unfamiliar words. Most poor readers have stopped learning to read at the word stage and are hindered in the next stage. Fluent readers are read, not the individual words but group of words- sentences- that have meaning not contained in the individual words. These are three ways to help the students to be fluent readers: i) Use pointer such pencils or finger and move it along the line that is being read. Additionally they need to train their eyes to follow the pointer. Gradually increase the pointer. If they could not understand the words , have them look up the words in the dictionary for both meaning and pronunciation after they have finished reading the passage. ii) In reading practice always asks the students to read aloud. Just reading silently or listening to someone else reading, is not sufficient. The exercise is design to help students become more aware of both the sound and sight of the words and modularity of their voice as it stores both together in their memory. iii) Ask a fluent reader to choose a page or two from a story book or an article from a newspaper and ask them to record it. Reading normally- as a modeled for struggled reader. I am teaching Year 1 students. They are mix ability students. The strength of my students , they are able to

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