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REMEDIAL READING DRILLS BY THORLEIF G. HEGGE, PH. D. SAMUEL A. KIRK, PH. D WINIFRED D. KIRK, M. A. Wayne County Training School, Northville Michigan With Directions by SAMUEL A. KIRK, PH. D. Previously Published by George Wahr Publishing Co. Ann Arbor, Michigan 1965 Internet Edition for Free Distribution by Donald L. Potter Odessa, TX 2005 Previous Copyright Information: Copyright 1940, George Wahr. Reprinted: 1943, 1944, 1945, 1947, 1948, 1950, 1955, and 1963 A revised edition (significantly altered) Phonic Remedial Reading Drills (1985) by Samuel A. Kirk, PhD, Winifred D. Kirk, MA and Esther H. Minskoff, PhD copyrighted and published by Academic Therapy Publications, 20 Commercial Boulevard, Novato, CA 994949-6191 Historical Note: The 1985 revision says that the work was first published in 1936. This is also the date given in the bibliography of S. Kirk’s Teaching the SlowLearning Child to Read (Houghton Mifflin Co., 1940). DIRECTIONS The Remedial Reading Drills are designed primarily to aid children who have become retarded in reading. In applying these exercises the remedial teacher should first determine the status of the child and whether these exercises are applicable to his difficulties. In general, the exercises are most effective with children having the following characteristics: (1) the reading status of the child is below the fourth grade; (2) the child has a severe special reading disability; (3) the child is educable in sound blending; (4) any extreme visual or auditory defects have been corrected; (5) the child is motivated and cooperative. In many cases cooperation may be difficult until some degree of success has been attained. HOW TO INTRODUCE THE METHOD TO THE CHILD Before introducing the Remedial Reading Drills the teacher should spend the first few days in securing the child's cooperation, in showing
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