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------------------------------------------------- University of Phoenix Material Reading Comprehension Worksheet Respond to the following in 50 to 100 words each: Describe your outcome from this week’s MyFoundationsLab® assignment. * * This week’s lab showed me that I knew a good amount of information related to reading comprehension and the steps to be a better reader. I gained some more skills when it comes to reading and how I should going about different reading material. Previewing my reading material will be the skill I use the most now because it will give be a better understanding on what I’m about to read. * * * Identify the skills you’ve learned this week. How could each of these apply to your academic work? How could each of these apply to your professional work? * * The most important skill I learned this week is previewing what I’m reading. Looking for the bold print or highlighted text and graphs or pictures will give me an idea about the subject matter. It will prepare me for what I’m about to read and I have a good concept about the material before I just dive into it. I also learned to give myself breaks while I read so that I’m not overwhelmed by the information. I can give myself time to take all the information in and take notes about what stood out to me. These skills can apply to my professional work because they will keep me grounded and focused; I now have the skills to get through my reading without cramming a whole bunch of words in one sitting. I can read things with ease using these skills and that helps to reduce the stress that a lot of reading at one time can cause. * * * * * Describe the reading and comprehension strategies you will employ. How will these help make you a more effective reader? * * The previewing of my reading material will be the

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