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Reading Assignment #12 We as individuals do have the responsibility to reduce the production of waste. The majority of the population in developed countries has embarked in the reduction of waste by recycling; it will not fix the problem, but it will reduce it. One interesting solution to waste such as dairy livestock, swine, synthetic, landfill, slaughterhouse, municipal, food processing, pulp and paper wastewater is to convert it into a renewable form of energy. There is a company called EnviroESI that uses a “Static Granular Bed Reactor” that cuts the long retention time for conversion from waste streams to biogas from 18 to 21 days to 24 hours. This device can dramatically cut down the time needed to convert this type of waste into biogas compared to using anaerobic digesting systems. Food scraps are the single-largest component of waste by weight in the United States going into landfills compared to paper, yard trimmings, paper packaging, plastics, glass, wood, steel and aluminum packaging. A solution to food scraps or leftovers is to convert these into composts. Compost is a natural process that converts organic material into a rich, dark substance to be used as a conditioner for soil. It improves the biological, physical and chemical characteristics of soils. Response I believe that in order to decrease the amount of waste we produce, we have to use the products we consume more efficiently. I have stopped buying individual drinks that come in the form of plastic bottles and aluminum cans from vending machines or at the supermarket. I only drink water or coffees made at home and take it to work, I don’t drive as much as I used to, I do not buy too many things that do not last, and I try not to waste food. I believe that every little thing we do to reduce waste makes a difference. Multiply that by 307,006,550 people in the U.S. and that is a big

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