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Reading is a way for a reader to share his soul to an author. That is why I do not take my ability of reading for granted. Before, I had no interest in reading whatsoever because my impression of it was boring and was not worth my time. But ever since I read my first novel, I saw that reading could bring you beyond the common world we see today. I want to learn how to read efficiently and . My past dealings with reading were all not too harsh. Generally, I read because I need to. I read because of my assignments, because I need to study in my exams but I also find reading as a hobby. In some instances, I find myself with limited time to study. That is why I skim my text books only when needed. Personally I want to fully understand and take time in understanding a text but it is not always possible for me to do this. Sometime when I skim, I do not understand enough what I am supposed to study. That is why I try avoiding skimming as much as possible. When it comes to scanning, I find it as a very useful and helpful technique. It saves me time and energy. This time, I can accept scanning as one of the ways I want to use in studying because for me, if I only have to find some mere definitions and meaning, scanning helps me a lot. From time to time when I have free time, I ask my friends for a good novel to read. And when I like the book I read, I consume everything it has to offer, making me oblivious to the outside world. When I feel the text I am reading, I do not experience difficulty in concentrating nor when it comes to understanding. There are times when I am dumbfounded by some of the words which I am not familiar to but now, because of the tons of novels I’ve read, I am able to comprehend those unfamiliar words by accessing the given situation and making an intelligent guess but even so, there are still moments when I consult a dictionary for information due to

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