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There have not been many obstacles that have gotten in my way for me to be a successful reader. I am able to confidently read "Hope in the Unseen" because it keeps my interest. I like the story. I feel for Cedric. I imagine and picture the story in my mind. When a large amount of reading is assigned, sometimes my brain gets exhausted and I have to take a break. Literally my brain gets tired. The reason why I have trouble getting all of my assignments in for "Writing and Being" is because the book does not hold my interest. I find it boring at times. I really like Higher Learning because the stories are like short stories, and they are adventurous in a weird way. I have gained some insight from certain readings. "Who Shall I Be" really struck me in a good way. It talks about the reality of positive and negative consequences resulting from some sort of change. Changes can be dangerous at times. Not physically, but mentally. I guess it could be physical in some situations. I feel I have become a more mature reader since high school. Reading experience leads to reading success. That’s my opinion. I used to not be able to focus when I read, but you just have to stick it out and read and read and read. I feel I am a focused reader now, I try hard. I have also gained mental reading confidence. You break that down. As I progressed through school, my teachers were so much concern with my inability to combine tasks. More often, they asked me to do more of writing practices than any other. There were many writing requirements ranging from homework assignments and class work to journals, note taking quizzes, tests and papers. As I moved from one stage to the next, I realized that I had to adjust because even the initially standardized tests were moving towards fewer multiple choices questions requiring answers inform of paragraphs and essays. Slowly, I started

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