Readiness For Leadership

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Readiness for Leadership Administrators today are faced with extraordinary challenges. As an administrator I will strive with great determination to meet these challenges and go beyond what is expected. I have learned much about what it takes to be a leader through my coursework, leadership textbooks, learning, field experiences, and my knowledge of the state standards for administrators. All of this has prepared me to be a leader that will make a difference for students. I have spent much time developing skills that I know will be important as a leader. The following categories are what I feel are important as a leader.  Developing and articulating a vision A school vision reflects the beliefs of those within the school community. The beliefs of the school community (i.e., principal and staff) are reflected in the attitudes, behaviors, and responsiveness between staff and students. When a shared set of beliefs— particularly a set that includes the core beliefs of high-poverty, high-performing schools—has not been established, the school vision is distorted or destroyed by the individual, pervasive beliefs within the school community. For this reason, it is crucial that the school principal believes and declares the belief that all students can learn.  Creating a culture of learning By cultivating an environment of trust and integrity and demonstrating good leadership through effective communication, excellence, responsibility and the spirit of entrepreneurship I will set an example and develop the same qualities in my staff and students so they too will thrive when facing challenges. Monthly climate surveys will be conducted for staff to give me feedback on my performance as an administrator. I will take all comments into consideration and improve on any shortfalls I may have. By communicating to staff that I am open to improvement they will

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