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Readin', Writin', Or Recreation Essay

  • Submitted by: groovychick728
  • on March 17, 2008
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“School Tax Hike for Football Program.”   Hope Star.   Vol. 109.   No. 48.   March 10, 2008.   Hope, AR:   Hope Star.
What Are Tax Dollars Paying For?
In Haskell, Arkansas, the Harmony Grove School District is asking local taxpayers to vote on a measure that would raise their property taxes to fund a new football program.   Extracurricular sports are seeming to become more important than academia itself.
The school district is trying to raise $1 million dollars to build a stadium and equipment for the 850 students that are enrolled there.   While I’m all for school sports, I’m more for kids learning their three Rs.   These kids are going to be running our country someday.   I understand that organized sports help to teach children social skills, some of the smaller schools place their emphasis on their sports teams instead of on education.
Teachers in this state are not being paid enough.   They are with these kids sometimes more than their own parents.   It is left up to them to make sure they learn everything they are supposed to know, as well as how to deal with social hierarchy, peer pressure, drugs, gangs, etc.   Maybe this school district should take the initiative and say “Hey!   We appreciate what our teachers do everyday.   We should give them a raise!”
How many times have we heard about a school district raising taxes to build another wing onto their school or, like Harmony Grove, build a stadium and buy equipment?   How many times have we heard that it was to be used for the teachers?   Maybe if the teachers were getting paid what they thought they were worth, they would give the parents and students their money’s worth.

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