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Some readers think "A Good Man is Hard to Find" is a sarcastic tale, rigid in the way it brings out human insignificance and manipulation. Others think it's a obscure comedy worthy of a short film, or a twisted cartoon. Or perhaps it's a horror story. Still others think it's an uplifting depiction of the mysterious ways God works through human beings over and above their own wills. Maybe it's even all of these at once? “A Good Man is Hard to Find” is about a family trip of some kind, and there's an argument amongst the family about where to go. Bailey the father wants to take his family to Florida. His mother, called, the grandmother, doesn't want to go there. To make her case, she mentions that there's a dangerous criminal named The Misfit on the loose, and that he's headed that way. No one takes this seriously. The next morning, they head for. Everyone piles in the car, including the grandmother, who seems to have gathered some enthusiasm for the trip. . They stop at a restaurant to eat, and chat a bit with the owner, Red Sammy, and his wife. The grandmother talks with the couple about how hard it is to trust people and find "good men" these days. She also talks a bit about The Misfit. After they finish eating and continue on their way, the grandmother gets the kids excited by telling them about an old plantation she once visited that's located nearby. The kids convince Bailey, who is hesitant, to take them all to see it. He turns onto a dirt road, which, the grandmother tells him, leads to the plantation. After following the road for a while they don't see anything. Suddenly, the grandmother remembers that the plantation isn't here at all – it's actually in Tennessee. She is so startled by this realization that instead of telling anyone her mistake she lets her cat out of the basket where she's stowed it. The animal is propelled onto Bailey's

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