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A. Rose Miller 11/06/12 1st Reader Response The first eight chapters of Candide are undoubtedly interesting. I like particularly because of the philosophical ideas that appear in every other page. It is clearly meant to be humorous or satirical but, I don’t have much of a liking to those two concepts. This book doesn’t remind me of anything in particular, other than the unusual streak of bad luck that both Candide and myself share. It is hardly believable that the main characters would get caught up in so many events (such as the quakes mentioned on pages 10 through 12) and makes this section sound outrageous and silly. As mentioned before, the roots of philosophy and theoretical thinking are found throughout the book. In my opinion, this gives us insight into what people were thinking at the time and helps to make this book a “Classic”. Although it is entertaining, the fast-paced plot, jumping from idea to idea, and the short chapters, makes the reader think that the author has some form of ADD and cannot keep his mind focused. This, quite obviously, detracts from the literary aspects of the book but allows it to be an entertaining, light read (of which, most famous literature isn’t). The twists and turns of the story are foreshadowed, like in that of a B movie, in which, any event is easy to determine beforehand. In my opinion, it is a poorly constructed book, filled with satire and hints of philosophy, which, altogether, makes it an original and interesting read. Considering the manner in which the previous chapters proceeded, I would have to say that in the next chapter or so an important event would occur, causing quite a bit of over-the-top drama. Shortly after, Candide and Cunegonde will likely flee to another setting and may be separated as well yet again. Death, philosophy, humour, and so on will undoubtedly be found throughout the rest

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