Reader Response: the Omnivore’s Dilemma, Part 1

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277 words 10/1/13 Reader Response #2: The Omnivore’s Dilemma, pages 15-119. One of the basic facts of life is that every organism on earth has one goal: To reproduce even if it means it has to die in the process. This chapter discusses corn, its place in religion, the marketplace, its effect on this earth and its complex changing structure in today’s food chain. 2a. Pollan talks about the dominance of corn in today’s marketplace. I was amazed by its complexity. b. He explains its chemical base; (in great detail) it’s genetic background, farming growth and hints at its place in religion and national affairs. c. The main point is how it has been and is a major factor in our current and increasing obesity and accompanying health issues. Ray Kroc emerges as the central villain, aided by David Wallerstein. (105) and the famous McMonster expression! 3. My favorite vocabulary word is actually two words or a compound word to some: “Supersize”. I’d like to see this written in all caps on a giant billboard: Super-Sized meals are unhealthy, irresponsible and show your lack of self-control, but that’s ok because while you’re there killing yourself, we here over in corporate America are getting rich. Here have a coupon! 4. Pollan strongly tries to convey his comparison of (primarily) Americans obsession with “comfort food, such as McDonalds to that of a cocaine abuser, or some other narcotic. Sure they know it’s bad for them, inside and out, but they continue to still engage, regardless of how they look in the mirror or their self-esteem. Perhaps they justify it by saving money with fast-food, so they can buy bigger

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