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Are You the Reader of this Poem? In the poem, “You, Reader”, written by Billy Collins (2004), there are no restrictions to the imagination. While the poem describes subtle noises, such as a clock humming, or a car whistling down the road early in the morning, the setting is really of a quiet and peaceful morning. The morning is where you can get lost in your own thoughts. The tone of the poem is realistic, and flows according to its story and the title, “You, Reader”! Collins, who is the author of this poem, is also the speaker. In an archive of poetry where Collins is about to recite his poem, You, Reader, he states, “I am reader conscious” and “I address the reader directly”. This element of form is accurate throughout the poem. The form of the poem is evident in the description of the early morning, quietness, and your own thoughts going throughout without interruptions. The element of language is easily identified. It is language of the current day, which makes for easy reading of the poem. This poem also has the element of “Free Verse”. Free Verse by definition is; Poetry in which lines has irregular rhythm and lack rhyme. Also, the “theme” of the poem catches the reader from the title. By titling the poem, “You, Reader” entices a reader to want to read on. Collins is quoted in the Poetry Archive that his favorite poetry saying is, “Poetry is harder than writing”, a former student. This quote gives insight on Collins, describing him as light hearted. Walpole, P. states, “Collins is both a poet and an entertainer, a rare combination in America”. Walpole, P. also states, “Collins is a domestic poet, a poet of the backyard and a glass of wine on a summer evening”. These comments about Collins are accurate as you read his poems, including “You, Reader”. The elements outlined above gave a connection of a personal

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