Reader Engagement Essay

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The Quest for Identity: Task one – Response Statement of Intent: This essay is a response to the idea that engaging with a text involves escaping from your contemporary experience and putting yourself into other people’s stories and their time and place. This is a persuasive piece that is written in essay format and would be found in an academic publication industry. My response is targeted at people that are interested in reading and maximising their reading enjoyment. I am writing this piece to convince the reader that escaping from a contemporary experience is not a pre requisite for text engagement. To be engaged in a text means to have an emotional or intellectual response to the ideas put forward and to be actively involved with the plot, characters and setting. In order to be engaged, the reader must bring their contemporary experience, values and attitudes into their reading of the text. By doing this the reader’s engagement in the text will be strengthened as opposed to the reader escaping their life and limiting themselves to the character’s perspective. My engagement in the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini was increased because I applied my personal context, values and opinions to the text. The reader will have an intellectual or emotional response when they apply their contextual understandings, values and attitudes to those promoted in the text. Also, the audience will compare themselves to the characters and reflect on themselves. This will cause direct engagement with the text because the reader develops a relationship with the characters and setting. It is impractical for the reader to escape their own beliefs and attitudes as it enriches their understanding of the values communicated by the author, through the text. Lastly, a reader will expand their knowledge of the world around them when they engage with a character’s subjective
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