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Persuasive Critique My speech on the Water Crisis, what it is, where all of our water is going, how it will affect society in the future and some effective solutions to conserving water, in my opinion was well organized. It gave a clear thesis, main points, and conclusion. The signposts were effective as well. Throughout my speech I defined terms as needed so that my audience could feel connected to what I was explaining. Also unlike my informative speech In my persuasive speech I added how this relates to the audience, so that that can feel better connected. I think that a main difference from my informative speech to this one is that in my persuasive speech there was a lot of informative information but I broke it up with always relating it back to the audience, whereas my informative speech was strictly facts. A story might have brought their attention in more, I was lacking that in both of them, though in my persuasive speech I was consistent in relating the topic back to the audience. Overall I could use some more detailed context next time and make it more enjoyable to the audience. Now on the delivery section of my speech I think I got more nervous for this one than the informative. I usually go on the first day and on my persuasive I waited. Though I practiced a lot, I think I could always use more. A big difference from the informative speech to this one is I looked at the notes less but I think I fumbled over my words more. In this speech I also think I had more personality than my last one, and it helped to draw the audience in a bit more, I tried to make my tone seem concerned. I think I make great eye contact and look all around the room, though I could always refer back to my notes less. The tone needed to be more conversational in my informative speech but I think I accomplished

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